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  • Dana

    Dana is a local favorite and a Certified Colorist and Stylist with over 30 years experience in the beauty industry.

  • Crystal

    Crystal has over 7 years of hairstyling expertise and specializes in blonding, hair color and tape-in and sew-in extensions.

  • Gina

    Gina has over 10 years experience and the skills to create the look and style you dream of.

  • Kayla

    Kayla is amazing in all areas but especially shines with all the new trends and styles.

  • I found Beautywise Salon services to be the best around town and the products that were recommended keeps my hair looking better than ever.  I feel amazing!
    Mia T. 
  • Thank you so much for the amazing new hair style! It's my most favorite cut and color I've ever had and I've had so many compliments!
    Anne S. 
  • The knowledge of these amazing women at Beautywise Salon unbelievable! They taught me how to style and care for my hair and I've never looked or felt better!
    Lori B. 


Prices vary depending on the Stylist you are booking. Please contact us for details for the best fit for you.

Get Your Personalized Hair Product Prescription!

As certified stylists, we match your hair type with the right products to maximize the beauty and longevity.

Healthy Products that make you look amazing!

We have products for every hair problem. Find your solution below.

Frizzy Hair Problem? Use These!

Your hair needs essential fatty acids and moisture for nourishment. Sealers lock them in as well as protect hair from environmental toxins and humidity.

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Dry & Damaged Hair? Use These!

Your hair needs lots of moisture as well as protein for strength to repair, replenish and rebuild. Sealers, thermal protectants and leave in conditioners are important to protect hair from more damage. Use as little heat as possible and stay away from products with alcohol.

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Flat & Limp Hair Issues? Need Volume? Use These!

Flat and Limp hair needs protein for strength and to plump it up. Products with alcohol are ok and will help add volume and hold to your style. Expand will leave hair shiny and looking twice as thick.

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Need Some Shine? Use These!

Shine to your hair comes from essential fatty acids and moisture that comes in the form of oils, cream conditioners, and spray in conditioners. Styling products that seal the hair and add reflection work excellent to create shine as well.

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Hair Loss Issues? Use These!

Iden's incredible products create an environment that nourishes the hair as well as treats the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. It naturally invigorates hair follicles and promotes healthy blood circulation as well as balances and protects scalp's moisture.

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Color Fading Too Fast? Use These!

It is extremely important to clarify your hair before you have it colored. You do not paint a dirty wall so why would you add pigment to dirty hair? Your hair and skin have a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 so making sure your at home products are in that range is critical for color retention. Also, using leave in conditioners and hats when in the sun will prevent fading.

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Need Gray Coverage? Use These!

If your hair stylist is not clarifying your hair before coloring it, you will need to do it at home before going in. There are silicones and sealers in many products that block color penetration so they need to be removed. Using shampoos with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 on a regular basis and a color safe clarifying shampoo weekly or every 2 weeks will make hair receive and keep color much better.

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Brassy Hair Issues? Use These!

Get rid of unwanted Yellow/Orange tones with purple pigmented toned shampoos. Blondes, brunettes and even cool toned red heads who go brassy will benefit from using a purple shampoo every day or whenever needed in their at home regimen. (everyone's need differs)

Everyone needs a clarifing shampoo. Use These!

Color safe clarifying shampoos remove buildup like minerals, metals, medications and styling products. Regular use keeps hair shiny, bright and healthy looking. Depending frequency of shampooing, clarifying 1 time a week or every 2 weeks is recommended. Every time you swim in a pool or ocean water, use clarifying shampoo

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